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Application Process

Candidates will need to submit an original and 15 copies of the completed Questionnaire to the appropriate contact for review. An Addendum Page is provided for answers that require additional space. (If you use more than one page, please number them, accordingly.)

Please Note: Candidates should ensure that their original questionnaire and each of the 15 copies are collated and stapled, clipped, or otherwise bound. Questionnaires composed of loose papers will not be accepted. Thank you.

In addition, all candidates must submit, as a separate document, one original release (no copies required) for information from the Grievance Committees (Appendix A). All sitting and former judges must also submit, as a separate document, an original release (no copies required) for the Commission on Judicial Conduct (Appendix B). (Please see the Instructions.)

Please contact the appropriate commission or visit their web site for further information and applicable deadlines.